The Emulation Realm

Wii Mednafen

What's New:

- NES controls support
  * Added Arkanoid controller support (via Wiimote IR, Twist, and Tilt)
  * Added Space Shadow gun support (via Wiimote IR)
  * Added Zapper support (via Wiimote IR)
  * Added Oeka Kids support (via Wiimote IR)
  * Added Hypershot controller support (Hyper Sports)
- CD ROM cue sheets
  * Added support for UTF-8 files.
  * Added support for high-ascii characters.
- Inherited settings now display the inherited value and where they are being inherited from.
- Added ability to specify language for WonderSwan via emulator settings. (see Mednafen 0.9.19 merge notes below)
- Merged changes from 0.9.19 (Mednafen proper)
  * LYNX emulation
     -- Fixed EVERON detection emulation, and emulated a hardware bug regarding SCB data reading, the latter of which fixes a graphical glitch in "Joust".
  * NES emulation
     -- Improved iNES mapper 69 expansion sound emulation accuracy (volume interpretation and channel frequencies were off). (Gimmick! sound)
     -- Fixed a bug in the MMC5 split-screen emulation that caused a garbage scanline in the intro sequence of "Uchuu Keibitai SDF".
     -- Fixed MMC5 32K PRG switching mode.
  * WonderSwan emulation
     -- Fixed a reset initialization bug (due to a design flaw) that was partially corrupting internal and external EEPROM.
     -- Implemented experimental setting "wswan.language"; it's only known to affect "Digimon Tamers: Battle Spirit".