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Android related news and updates


What's New:

- Fixed some bugs

Original Game Boy Emulator:

Original Game Boy and Game Boy Color Emulators:
GBC Boy!
Pizza Boy

Nintendo 64:

More later, I have a job interview in the morning :)


What's New:

Sound emulation improvement
- Now sounds are enabled on Virtua Fighter2, DytonaUSA, Fighting Vipers, Fiters megamix, Die hard, etc...

- implement half luminace by FCare

Mobile Gameboy

What's New:

- bug fixes


What's New:

- Support N64
- Changing the menu composition of each setting
- Fixed some bugs


What's New

- Today's update should help people who purchased pro version and still see ads.


What's New:

- Fixed reported bugs and crash on somes devices
- Fixed Savestate crash on Nexus 9 and Galaxy S8 with S835

Unreal Speccy Portable

What's New:

- GigaScreen video mode support option

Mupen64Plus FZ

What's New:


MagicBox Free  MagicBox

What's New:

- START button on gamepad now displays Welcome screen correctly
- Updated Welcome screen page for Console Mode. It should provide better explanation.


What's New:

- Fixed support for opening SMS/GG files from Astro File Manager.
- Added support for opening "content://" URIs.
- Refactored file type definitions in the manifest.
- Refactored EMULib library code.
- Moved virtual buttons implementation into OvrButton class.
- Moved file-specific utilities into FileInfo class.