The Emulation Realm

a android

What's New:

- Add a new VPN ad-blocker implementation
- Add initial DOH (DNS Over HTTPS) support
- Add VPN connection monitor, heartbeat and throttler to improve reliability
- Add long press action to copy hostname from user lists and DNS log to clipboard
- Improve screen rotation handling on home screen
- Improve hosts source cache to reduce bandwidth usage
- Improve GitHub API usage to reduce bandwidth usage
- Fix VPN state on network connectivity change and lost
- Fix VPN restart when system kills it
- Fix wrong DNS read on VPN restart
- Fix VPN unwanted restart while paused
- Fix crash on application update unknown size
- Improve VPN user control reliability
- Update logging system
- Update libsu
- Update mongoose web server
- Update Android gradle plugin
- Update AndroidX libraries
- Update NDK
- Update third party libraries