The Emulation Realm


What's New:

- All games views can now be sorted by any field (both ascending or descending) via the top menu
- All games views will now remember the previously selected game
- A new Recently Played filter is available in all filters lists that shows all your recently played games (though it will only show games that you play with this new version going forward since previous versions weren't tracking game plays)
- A new option to select a random game has been added to the top menu of games views
- A new option to change the ROMs folder path for a particular platform's games has been added to the top menu of games views
- New settings for Show All Games Filters and Show Recently Played Filters are available in the Options menu
- A new setting to Include Non-Game Android Apps is available in the Options menu
- The Options page has been organized with categories to make it much easier to navigate
- Last Played and Play Count fields are now updated when playing games
- Date Added, Date Modified, Last Played, and Play Count fields have been added to game metadata edits
- Imports now populate the Max Players and Release Type fields, which were previously missed
- Image fading is now smoother and doesn't flicker on the edges
- Fixed issues launching Nintendo DS games with the DraStic emulator
- Fixed an issue where native Android game metadata and media changes were not saving
- Fixed an issue where some old and/or miscategorized Android games were not importing on startup