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SuperGNES Free

What's New:

- Fixed crashing when launching game when controller layout is bad.
- Added new feedback form with feature to add screen shots.
- Fixed other various interface crashes reported by Google.


What's New:

- Tapping screen in Layout Editor toggles title bar now.
- Items no longer jump in Layout Editor when you start moving them.
- Added cheats for Babar To The Rescue.
- Added cheats for Back To Stone.
- Added cheats for three Backyard Football games.
- Added cheats for Backyard Skateboarding.
- Added cheats for Backyard Basketball 2007.
- Added cheats for Backyard Hockey.


What's New

- Link to Play Store for not installed emulators
- Edit whole game metadata instead of title only

- Minor fixes and optimizations

Classic Arcade Emulator

This one is a little odd. The title implies that it is an arcade game emulator, once installed the icon says Super NES, and once you play it you find it actually contains 69 Nintendo Entertainment System games. The opening screen contains game icons with, I believe, Japanese titles. There are some Japanese games but most are in English.

The emulator itself works pretty well with save and load states and the onscreen controls are well placed.

This app does have ads.


26OO is great emulator on android platform for atari(2600).
26OO provides very high compatibility (>99%), fast speed, and accurate sound.

26OO is a modified version of 2600.emu with ads added. Game play is smooth and it includes all the feature you could want.

If the ads are too much install a good ad blocker or buy 2600.emu.


g2600 is a cloned or modified version of 2600.emu with ads added. The emulator itself is excellent with a ton of features including support for many bluetooth controllers, and support for save and load states.

As always, if the ads bother you, use a good ad blocker.


MinMinGuard is an Ad-remover made with Xposed Framework for Android. MinMinGuard can completely remove both the ads inside apps and the empty space caused by those ads.

MinMinGaurd is my prefered ad blocker. I find the ability to block a single app useful when testing emulators. It allows me to turn it on to see how well an emulator plays without ads and allows me to turn it off to see how intrusive the ads are.

That being said, this is not a straightforward installation. You must install the Xposed Framework before you can add the MInMinGaurd module.The download and full installation instructions can be found at xda-developers.

There is also a post at xda-developers on how to install Xposed Framework without root access.

Adgaurd for Android

Adguard for Android is a remarkable web filter that protects you from annoying advertising, malicious and phishing websites, online tracking and much more. Adguard handles all types of internet ads, speeds up page load, saves bandwidth and increases your device protection against possible threats.


What's New:

- Enable new sound emulation engine implemented by d357

Matsu WSC - Free  Matsu WSC (Paid)

What's New:

- Fixed bugs

Matsu SNES Lite

What's New:

- Fixed bugs