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The Emulation Realm is a rather extensive archive of emulators and emulator related software available for most popular operating systems.

This site has been designed to be hassle free with only one ad banner and no login required. Downloads are freely available and hosted locally, no file sharing site links here.

The Emulation Realm v3.1 changes:

- Removal of forums. They were only being used by spammers.
- Membership no longer required for comments. I have integrated Disqus into the website. (This will require signing up for an account with Disqus)
- Increased font size for old farts like me :)
- Since everything on the site is now available without login I have removed member registration. (This will make the site more secure)
- Improvements to Responsive design. (site should render better on smaller screens)
- Integrated GTranslate. Use the little flags at the top of each page to Translate the entire site to your native language. (Uses Google Translate)

My job, yard work, housework, and children/grandchildren are keeping me very busy as of late.

Everytime I try to update the site I end up having to work on the server or fix something with the website itself. I had a little chrome extension that posted news to both Facebook and Twitter that quit working so I had to create two apps. Since this is new to me it took all week just to get them working, kinda.

I will try and get things back up to date in the next couple weeks. I have a weeks vacation at the end of the month so things should be back to normal soon.

I upgraded and tweaked the server today.

As usual things did not go as smoothly as I would of liked so sorry for the down time.

I just discovered that many of the android files (apk) I've been uploading have spaces in the file names. This is a big no no for any unix based system. I have corrected this oversight and Android files should now download to Android devices.

I'm presently working 7 days a week and am raising 2 active teenagers... so for the time being... updates may be a bit spaced out.

Not much luck lately. I am in the process of installing all needed software on a new WD 1T.

I have owned roughly 30 Hard Drives and only 2 have died. Both were Seagates ... both were less than six months old .... don't think I'll ever own another.

Sorry about the down time this morning. I did a system update that went horribly wrong and of course I had real life stuff to attend to.

To those out there who may be using Joomla.... DO NOT UPGRADE TO 3.2! It's supposed to be a "stable" bug and security update. *Hugh* totally f***ed my site up.

Once again the site should be fully functional. All downloads are working and the propagation appears to be complete.

This is the first time I have ever created a server from scratch and let me tell you what a pain in the ass. I spent the better part of the last 24 hours just getting the email server to work.

A few more tweaks and security checks and I'll be back to updating.

I had been happy with my previous host for several years but the sites performance was getting worse and worse so I felt it was time to just start anew. From the little testing I have done so far the speed increase is substantial. I am very impressed with this server. Give me a day to get everything fully migrated and updates will continue shortly.

The transition to the new site has been a little more bumpy than I had hoped. So far I have fixed the contact issue, the registration issue, and the funky naming of downloaded files. There was also an issue with a misconfigured table in the database causing the site to run slow. I believe the only thing left now it to fix some formatting and add a forum to the site.

The Emulation Realm has gone through its second major overhaul in 10 years thus the v3.0.

The major improvements are:

- Encrypted log in for added security
- Easier to navigate downloads section
- More accurate search result
- Responsive design (automatically adapts to mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones)
- Optimized code for faster loading of pages
- Drastically improved comments system

On the other hand a few things have been lost or simply not added to the new site:

- User accounts where not imported do to security issues and the fact that there are very few active members
- All news post from the past five years have not been imported. (I felt a fresh start was in order and this will eliminate extra bloat).
- There may be some broken links and possibly a few missing files (Please report these).

So take a look around and tell me what you think. Suggestions are always welcome (I can now be contacted through the "Contact Me" link above).
As always registration is not required to explore the site and download.
Registration is required to leave comments or post in the Forums.