The Emulation Realm

The Emulation Realm has had it's ups and downs over the past 13 years. This has always been a hobby but it costs me nearly $500 a year. I never planned on making any money but I look at the other (general) emulation related sites and think this one is better. I don't require registration and all files are hosted locally on a fast server.
every year I get less and less visitors. I simply want, and at this point, need to make enough money to keep the site running.

Zophar's Domain was dead for nearly a decade yet has better ratings than the Emulation Realm.
EmuCR is the god of emulation related sites but mostly offers GIT compilations that are nothing more than compiled tests. None are hosted locally and all require downloading from file share sites.
EmuFrance I really like. Been around about as long as I have and we seem to have a similar style :)

I take a lot of time to make sure I am only providing good emulators or experimental emulators of interest. I test them so you don't have to :)

Any input on how I could make this site better would be greatly appreciated. I'm not an arrogant person and could use some good advise or constructive criticism.

Just last year I had 100,000 visitors a month ... now only 10,000.