The Emulation Realm

Puppy Arcade

What's New:

- The latest (Oct 4th) release includes Sony PSP and Nintendo DS support in rom-Loader!
- includes Rom-Loader, a multi-emulator frontend and rom browser
- includes a ROM info database with over 18,000 games supported
- includes detailed descriptions for most of the 18,000 supported games
- Rom-Loader can download and display box art for each of your ROMs
- choose your preferred emulator for each system in Rom-Loader
- Rom-Loader supports joypad-only rom-browsing and playing for both players 1 and 2
- Rom-Loader supports custom emulators and emulator settings per ROM
- users can customise the layout and themes of Rom-Loader per system
- simple keyboard controls for nearly all emulators setup by default
- ATI, Nvidia and MESA/Xorg75 driver packages available in the package manager
- most emulators can be accessed directly in Menu->Fun->[emulator]
- nearly all emulators updated, many other changes from the previous version
- Dreamcast, PS2, Saturn, Gamecube emulators (and others) available here, or here